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Generate leads for your marketing, media buying, chatbot agency or freelancing on AUTO-PILOT with your very own ALBot.

How many more leads will you generate with ALBot doing all the work for you? 3x? 5x? 10x? Only you will know when you subscribe to ALBot. Are you tired of the revenue rollercoaster that you ride each month as you get new clients, fulfill on the services you offer, then look up and realize you need to get more new clients again, so you feel like you're starting from square one? Well, stress no more, because MKJ's ALBot will automate your lead generation, and initial conversation-starting outreach so that all you do is verify which of the leads gathered you will accept as qualified. Then you can manage the conversations that ALBot starts, and create a stead stream of opportunities for discovery calls to your calendar! Enjoy a 14 day free trial as you become the first to access this automation helping you find, qualify and engage new leads for your agency or freelancing gigs on autopilot. This BEAST of a TaskBot will: 1. Search for the Facebook(TM) Business Pages using the niche keywords you choose. 2. Record the following data to help you qualify potential prospects based on this criteria: - page name - page link - number of followers of the page - the website url listed for the page - the email address listed for the page - if the page is currently running Facebook(TM) Ads - the topics used to run ads for this page in the past 3. (Upon your review of this information), ALBot will: - send a DM on your behalf with your copy to invite this person to start a conversation - record that the DM was sent You can now sit back, free of stress and worry, because you are now managing a full list of leads, prospects and relationship-building conversations. Sign up for your very own Facebook(TM)-based ALBot today! Here is your BONUS training on How To Craft a Compelling DM that Potential Prospects Can't Resist: P.S. We will be adding a ALBot for LinkedIn(TM) and Instagram(TM) very soon.