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🦸 GramBot - Extract Qualified Leads From Instagram Post Likes and Comments With Follow Option


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No more Manual Work and High Ad Costs! With GramBot Data Extractor qualifying leads from IG Post Likes and Comments, you will no longer be a pirate to get the hidden treasure (AKA your dream customers). Use this easy automated data extractor solution.

GramBot is a powerful tool that helps you extract hundreds of high-quality leads per day from Instagram likes and comments with zero ad costs, saving you time and money on customer acquisition. Here's the sample data extracted by GramBot 👉🏼 Features section: ⏰ Time saver It will save you the time of prospecting for new customers, as the tool can extract qualified leads from social media channels like Instagram. 💰Cost saver It allows you to focus on your business instead of on customer acquisition, which is costly and time-consuming. 👩🏼‍💻 The data that will be extracted from likes and comments on the post includes profile URL, username, full name, the following count, followers count, post count, name, based country, bio information, and website if they have one in their profile. Ready-to-use extracted data in an Excel or Google Sheets file. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to set up GramBot- Instagram Post Extractor ✅ Step 1 Find IG post links from a larger account in your niche whose followers have similar interests to your offer. ✅ Step 2 Upload/Add the URLs of the Instagram posts you're interested in You have two options: 📍 You can copy and paste the IG Post URL Link on the data table named "Post Links Table" under the Post Links column. or 📍 Create a CSV file or Google Sheets then at column A copy and paste the Instagram URL. One URL per Row, all in column A. If you are using Google Sheets, make this public so Gram D100 Helper can access it. ✅ Step 3 This data extractor has 3 types of extraction options {0,1,2}. Under "Type of Extraction" enter one of the numbers below that suits your data extraction needs. Type of Extraction 0️⃣ - Extract only IG Users Who Commented on the IG Post. 1️⃣ - Extract only IG Users Who Liked the IG Post 2️⃣ - Extract All IG Users Who Liked and Commented on the IG Post ✅ Step 4 Define your qualifies/filters (Countries, Number Range of Followers, Following, Keywords from Name and Bio). ✅ Step 5 You have the option to Follow those accounts that are classified as Qualified based on your Filters ✅ Step 6 Enter your Email Address to be notified if Your Cookie Session has Expired. ✅ Step 7 Copy and paste your Instagram Cookies to the TaskBot cookie textbox. You can use the Qualified Leads Extracted by GramBot and Convert them into High-paying Clients using 👉🏼 🦸 🦸 GramD100 Helper -