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Are you a podcast host? Need qualified guests for your podcast! No more scrambling to publish solo episodes.

Do you have a podcast message to share? Do you love interviewing other experts in your niche? Then you will love the Podcast Guest Taskbot, aka the PodBot! Enjoy a 14 day free trial as you become the first to access this automation helping you book guests on autopilot who are ready to rock the mic on your show. If you hire a VA, you already know the power of outsourcing! Now you can outsource without the worry of vacations, sickness, holidays, miscommunications or people management. This BEAST of a TaskBot will: 1. Search your suggested friends list on Facebook. 2. Record the following data to help you qualify potential guests for your show based on the criteria you designate: - name - profile link - number of mutual friends you have in common - their profile bio (if they have one) - their website (if they have one) 3. (Upon your review of this information), the PodBot will: - send a friend request on your behalf - record that the friend request was submitted - send a DM on your behalf with your copy to invite this person to connect and why - record that the invitation was sent You can now sit back, and enjoy a full interview calendar for your show. Sign up for your very own Facebook(TM)-based PodBot today! Here is your BONUS training on How To Craft a Compelling DM that Potential Guest Can't Resist: P.S. We will be adding a PodBot for LinkedIn(TM) and Instagram(TM) very soon.