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SUPERCHARGE your social media outreach using Facebook Birthday Bot! Facebook's Algorithm cares about INTERACTION so connect with 100% of your Facebook Friends, effortlessly ❀️

SAVE 5-10 hours every single week as you work WITH Facebook's Algorithm πŸ™Œ Connection, interaction and nurturing relationships are the keys to building your business on social media. Automation is Your Friend, especially a Birthday Bot Automation starting with a 14-Day FREE Trial βœ… Set up your subscription in 3-steps then you're good to go for the next 365 days to reach 100% of your Facebook Friends 🀩 OR ... for as long as you want. Cancel anytime 🫣 Schedule when Facebook Birthday Bot will run, ensuring it runs in the background so you can get on with building your business doing the things you love.


ZeroWork is probably the safest bot automation on the market. This is because your TaskBot is run from your computer with the help of an agent, this means that the location, IP address and device used by the TaskBot remain the same, and hence there is no way to identify TaskBot as not you. Also, all TaskBots are enabled to contain daily DM limits, profile view limits, message content spintax (by using spintax, you make every sent DM to be slightly different) and randomized delays (this means that the TaskBot waits a random amount of time between steps to mimic human behavior). All published TaskBots go through a review process by the ZeroWork team, and we check whether the TaskBot contains appropriate delay times, randomization of delay times, DM limits, etc.

You only need to follow the recommendations in each TaskBot when it comes to the limits. For example, on Facebook it is recommended that you do not send more than 30-50 DMs per day and in case your account is brand new then even less.

Yes, your data is totally private. Your run data is processed on your computer and is not stored in any other location. The data that is saved to the data table as well as the workflow settings (such as DM message, etc.) belongs only to you. We do not share it with anyone, and even the TaskBot creator has no access to it. The TaskBot creator will only have access to your error reports to be able to perform support for you.

You can cancel at any time. You'll continue to have access for the remaining time of your billing period.

Yes, but you won't be charged if you cancel before your trial time ends.

No, TaskBots run in the background. This means you can continue with your work undisturbed while the TaskBots are running in the background. The only limitation is that your computer has to be turned on for the time of the run. Note: You do have an option to show the TaskBot while it runs, if you want to see what it is doing.

Yes. First, before you run a TaskBot, you will need to link it to your social media account (this is done by copying and pasting your cookie session, which takes just two clicks to accomplish). After that, you can change the account that the TaskBot is linked to a different one as often as you want. What you cannot do at the moment is use the same TaskBot for multiple social media profiles in parallel at the same time.

Yes, you can. However, since the TaskBot uses your computer resources to run, it does depend on how new your computer is and its capacities. Usually, you can run 3-4 TaskBots at the same time without problems. If you run 10-20 TaskBots at the same time, you need to make sure that your computer can handle it. TaskBots that scrape data eat up most resources, TaskBots that only do outreach are much lighter.

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Victoria Rose | We Build Your Bot
SUPERCHARGE Social Media Outreach Using Automation: if you're a time poor, small business owner who's looking for ways to delegate time-sucking social media tasks, VAbot is an indispensable automation that will help save your time, your money and your sanity. Unlike other run-of-the-mill support offerings, VAbot brings together a cutting-edge, unbeatable combination of consistency, adaptability and personality giving you back time to do the things you love knowing that every single day your social media outreach is building your community.

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