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Organically find and qualify people to invite to your FB Group on auto-pilot

Tired of using paid FB ads to grow your group? Tired of paying appointment setters who are saying who-knows-what to get new members to your group? Tired of feeling spammy with DMs that are just soliciting group members, and not building relationships? Now you have the GrowBot! There are many guru strategies that suggest you: - Use Ads to a landing page as a fast way to generate leads for your group - Hire an army of appointment setters who cold DM members to start a conversation - Task those appointment setters with... duh... making sales call appointments - Sell your thing during those sales calls My biggest problems with this framework is that you need to: 1) spend lots of money on ads 2) spend time and money on appointment setters 3) those appointment setters are using their private DMs to represent your brand 4) when a setter leaves, you lose all the conversations they have had in DMs with YOUR prospects 5) you have no control over how your brand is represented during those chats. I have created Facebook Messenger(TM) chatbots to replace these appointment setters for clients who were tired of taking the risk on their setter's private DMs, and wanted to automate and control as much of this process as possible. But, my custom conversational marketing chatbots are expensive and time consuming. So, now I've created a simpler, less-expensive automation to give complete control to the group owner for a faster, higher response-rate result. Filling your FB Group with organically generated ideal prospects has never been easier, because this organic outreach automation capitalizes on your never-ending suggested friends list in FB. When you subscribe to the GrowBot, all you will need to do is - Determine how many leads you collect each day - Determine how many DMs you will send each day - Determine the text and personalization you will use for your DM to each lead Then hit "Run" and the GrowBot becomes your private automated lead generating machine that never needs a vacation, a sick day, or a complaint form. You even get a free 14 day trial, and a very low Spring launch price for the months of February and March. Just hit that subscribe button, and you're ready to watch your FB Group fill with hot prospects on autopilot.