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Find amazing podcasts and summits that would love to have you and your expertise as a guest with the help of your very own GOBot.

Do you have a message to share? Do you love public speaking and being a guest on podcasts and summits? Then you will love the Speaking & Guesting Outreach Taskbot, aka the GOBot! Enjoy a 14 day free trial to help you book yourself as a podcast, summit or speaking guest on autopilot to be ready to rock the mic. If you hire a VA, you already know the power of outsourcing! Now you can outsource without the worry of vacations, sickness, holidays, miscommunications or people management. This BEAST of a TaskBot will: 1. Search your chosen podcast niche list on Facebook. 2. Record the following data to help you qualify potential shows for you to make a guest appearance based on the criteria you designate: - name - profile link - number of mutual friends you have in common - their profile bio (if they have one) - their website (if they have one) 3. (Upon your review of this information), the GOBot will: - send a friend request on your behalf - record that the friend request was submitted - send a DM on your behalf with your copy to invite this person to connect and why - record that the invitation was sent You can now sit back, and enjoy the invitations to speak on your favorite shows. Sign up for your very own Facebook(TM)-based GOBot today! Here is your BONUS training on How To Craft a Compelling DM that Event and Podcast Host Can't Resist: P.S. We will be adding a GOBot for LinkedIn(TM) and Instagram(TM) very soon.